Some people on the net are bad people

Had some real issues with a guy I ended up talking to in video chat last year a kiwi. Understanding that some people online are not who they seem is important. Got friendly with this person online and moved into his flat in Whangarei, New Zealand. It was all well for the first two weeks I had taken a bus from Palmerston North thought the town was nice to look at some of his family members made me feel welcome though they tended to be around me all the time. The guy in question was overseas in usa doing some media work. Trouble came when they wanted more and more money I started to pay money into his mothers account at first for rent cause he was overseas then after a 3 weeks paid it into his account. Facebook was the device we talked on and had never actually met this guy in person but thought it was all good . I started to get suspect when he started talking about bringing some people back and so being only a three bedroom house. Also there was another flatmate seemed to get on with him but druggy for me though so stayed out of way. Anyways I made the decision to move to Hamilton where I had lived before and knew the city due to me figuring out it was going pear shaped and this guys was wanting my room.

As far as I was aware rent was all paid up but since a few new sites have opened up and hes being doing the live streaming thing on Youtube, twitch etc my names been coming up in conversation. Saying I owe him heeps of money etc. This I can prove by bank statements but goes to show how people you talk to online are not ever your friend. They can do lots of damage to you if they do have followers on twitter etc or social media.

I am ignoring the rants this guy seems to be doing and just blocking anyone connected to him on social media who do not seem interested in my side of things only his.

Some of the points I want to make on this post are how people in social media can attack someone online though their followers. My circle of people that I talk to have reduced lots in the last 4 months. Not being paranoid or anything I perfer to talk to people in real life that online now. I still dab in Twitter but have blocked or deleted all other accounts on social media.

Some of the people that follow this guy live in New Zealand are are not very on to it with things (drugs) mental issues etc. I do wish some of these younger people with lots of followers understand that they can incite people to do harm they take things personally. People with these issues on social media will take almost every thing they see or here as fact and almost treat someone online like a cult.

The amount of people like this online is fully scary.

The he said she said stuff is full on bullying trying to discredit someone with no proof or anything of the sort just to get people on yourside is quite shocking to me.

Anyway some thoughts

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