What Does Virtual Reality Ultimately Mean?

This is one of those questions most easily answered by a few minutes of quiet meditation. If you concentrate on those two words long enough you will realise that, rather than a virtual version of some reality, VR can mean being in the real world, virtually.

That doesn’t mean a pretend world like The Matrix or Second Life — it means the Real World.

The ability to traverse the Real World from your armchair or VR device or fully-integrated VR sytsem. That means that anywhere in the world is accessible to you, in real time, as good as if you were actually there!

As technology improves (especially processing power), and surveillance becomes more widespread, and society enables such transparency, a world that is open virtually doesn’t seem so far-fetched, and is perhaps available within the next decade.

Our Kids — there are numerous initiatives allowing us to view our kids in pre-school, but what if we could walk around that centre using virtual reality? See and hear everything from every perspective?

Juries — rather just than listening to eyewitnesses and expert testimony, what if we could walk through the crime scene, as it unfolded?

Rock Concerts and Sports — imagine if you could virtually be there, and choose your own perspective of the action?

Business — if meetings can be had with someone far away, but it feels as if they are there, beside you — goodbye long-haul flights, hotels and all the expenses.

Family — imagine being able to visit your family from thousands of miles away? See their home fully. See family members in real time, from real perspectives.

Interactivity — the same tech that allows you to visit somewhere, means that those who are actually there can see your virtual self, visiting. All they will need is special glassess or contact lenses.

The ultimate use of Virtual Reality won’t be games or artificial constructs — it will be the ultimate level of accessibility. Anyone with the most rudimentary tech (of the future) will be able to go anywhere in the world they choose. And be part of it.

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