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Okay, if you haven’t tried Pink Zebra yet, now would be a great time to do so. They currently have a sale going on right now. Who doesn’t love a sale? I think we all do. This sale is for individuals who love smell goods and decor.

For those of you who has never heard of Pink Zebra, it’s a Home Fragrance and decor company. If you love candles and home decor you’ll love Pink Zebra. If you really want to know more read my other blog post “Have you heard of Pink Zebra”.

This is a 72hr sale from May 15–17, and I’m telling you this stuff flies right out the door. Pink Zebra is celebrating Paisley’s birthday with this limited edition set. This gift set is called the Love/Happy shade set with confetti sprinkles. Just an FYI the confetti sprinkles are not ice cream or cake sprinkles. These Sprinkles are soft soy wax melts used to fragrance your space and they do smell amazing. Your getting home decor while you fragrance your space all in one.

Pink Zebra’s Sprinkles are non- toxic, Eco friendly and highly fragrant. It’s a great product and makes for a super cute gift for anyone. Check out Pink Zebra’s entire line of Sprinkles and Home decor. Trust me you will be amazed at how awesome These products are. Women, Men and Children love Pink Zebra. With that said do I really need to say more.

Here is the link to the website if you want to see more products by Pink Zebra.

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