Customer Email Acquisition, Activation & Retention for Dummies

How you can build a formulaic, scalable (and profitable) acquisition channel via email funnels

I gave a talk yesterday at the Ometria Lifecyle event in London about how you can grow your business by building up your email database, then activating it (i.e., getting them to make a first transaction) and driving repeats.

At Boticca, we have built a real formula for this channel and it is by far one of our most predictable (and profitable). It’s a powerful channel that is still seldom or poorly used — apart from the flash sales people like my friends over at SecretSales, SecretEscapes and Vente-Privée who’ve built massive businesses off the back of this strategy. With a little bit of discipline, it is a channel that can work for most.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine if this is the right channel for you (spoiler: it’s more about mentality and less about tools, budget and resource)
  • Mapping out your ideal user flow
  • Building effective landing pages
  • Driving leads
  • Measuring, optimising and calculating your CPA
  • Driving repeats & growing your lifetime value

Slides below (or on Slideshare):

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and viewing the slides.

Update (02/03/2015): A video of this talk can now be found here on Youtube.

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