Kiyanu Kim | Music Education for Parents: Musical Learning for Babies

When there is an expectant mother in the family, everybody spends those nine months in learning all about parenting and preparing for the new arrival in the family. But have you ever thought about the role of musical learning in helping the newborn develop to its full potential in life?

We adults feel so proud of our child when he exhibits his talents throughout his formative years. Why not consider teaching him music, the timeless art form that brings so much of joy! Your child need not have to become a great musician to tap its great benefits. Musical learning helps children enhance the quality of their life. Its effect on development of the brain is well documented and can be found in innumerable books and articles.

Trust me, dear moms and dads, you can give all these benefits to your child by providing him with musical learning. Even if you don’t have an ear for music, it does not mean that your child will not. The important thing is to let him learn and play music and find his place among the successful people in school and work!

Most parents are aware that the unborn child can hear things perfectly even in the womb and that’s why they talk to him. It’s beautiful! How about going a step further? Play him some music! Play some good classical music CDs or anything which you find melodious, for 15–20 minutes a day or more, and your child will love it.

He might even react to his favorite music by moving around in the womb. Musical learning starts! If he’s inconveniencing you too much, all you have to do is play calm, soothing music and he will fall asleep.

If the mother has a good musical ear, I recommend her to sing aloud often. Sing anything that you love singing. After the child is born, you will even see him react to the songs you sung to him in the womb; he will smile!

You can give your child the gift of musical learning even if you don’t have an ear for music. Musical talent is not hereditary. All you have to do is play lilting music CDs every day, before and after his birth throughout life.

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