Claims of Natural Gas Industries

“We can live without natural gas, but we cannot live without water.” — The natural gas industries should have known what the result would be like if they have a mind to think “what if I were one of the residents,” but they began the natural gas project pursuing profits putting a lid on the risks. So, in order to continue making profits, what they repeatedly have to say is “No realistic threat of using the water,” “The reports lack accuracy,” “The researchers are not well educated about this issue (so they can make it up by their imagination),” “Waste of time for searching a solution for a problem that does not exist,” ignoring all of the evidences of negative health and environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing, and only sticking to the point that “we do not know the relationship between the negative effects and drilling the ground for extracting natural gas.”

The evidence of burning tap water from a faucet are apparently not rare anymore. Dead bodies of small animals such as rabbits, raccoons, deer, and birds around the creeks, rivers, and ponds where toxic gasses effuse or gush due to fracking are not unusual as well. Metallic smells from the contaminated water and oily and brown colored water also not extraordinary. All of the conditions began after the natural gas industries started to dig the ground. But the industries have to repeat the same phrases for their profits exchanging other humans’ lives.

I think it is true that many employees of these industries would not have total knowledge of the natural gas project, but only a few of the top. For those employees, dealing with the victims of natural gas would be merely their jobs and need to keep separate their personal life as a human from the victims to support their family. Furthermore, the employees who come to visit residents in such area to make a contract for permission to drill the ground in future would have less knowledge about what they are doing as well.

As a result, the residents would not imagine that their future life turns to be a constant fight with sickness, and some think they are lucky to have resources under their property and receive a lot of money. I happen to have a relative living in PA who made a contract between a gas company. They receive only $300 every month, and they think they are lucky. The gas company has not started to drill the ground, but they do not know when they come. It is very odd that they have actually watched the film “Gasland,” but apparently they think the same situation would not happen to them. They used to live in Pittsburgh but moved to the rural and mountain area to make their dream true that living with animals such as horses, ducks, chickens, goats, dogs, and cats since they love animals and nature. I am very afraid that I may see them lose everything eventually, but there is nothing I can do because they think they know what they are doing and none is my business.

The industries know people like my relative is not uncommon. People are usually not sensitive to their health and environment until they really start to lose them. Also, even they know the worst scenario of their choice as a consequence, they somehow tend to disregard the scenario from their life. After they realize that they have a serious problem, how many could keep going until they actually are able to sue the industries at the same motivational level as the beginning of the protest. The industries know it is not them to take time for protesting in harmed health, being forced to have a stressful life, and lower middle class to lower class people usually do not have money to sue them. All the industries have to do is just ignore until they give up. I believe most or all of the executives are highly educated people. It is very hard to believe that the high education actually makes people stupid.

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