The unique designs and styles of men shirts in Africa.

It cannot be denied that twentieth century AD has seen more changes in fashion that it is noticed in previous centuries. There are number of clothing trends that can be seen in the history of clothes and can be seen as the emblem of a particular decade and time. Likewise, African clothing for men has also come along a long way and has modernized itself from different traditions that were prevalent quite long years back. African men have a variety of clothing, which are available in different colors, designs, materials and styles. Here are some of the African clothing styles that are generally worn by the men of Africa.

· The grand bou bou

It is generally considered the definition of African masculinity. Such attires for men are generally handcrafted with the most skillful tailors of the place. This is a unique form of dress that comes in four parts. The dresses are meticulously embroidered with proper golden patterns and are also designed in a unique way, which are not common in men’s attire.

· Kente

It is the commonly known clothing style of Africa and is celebrated all over the place. It is generally considered as the heritage and embodiment of the place. The dress is generally designed from African silk that is originated form Ashanti kingdom of Ghana. Such shirts were also prevalent around 400 years ago and were the dress for the kings and the chiefs. The color, design and the geometric pattern of the dress are famous among African men shirts.

· Yoruba

Such African style is designed and worn in Nigeria. Yoruba clothes are generally called in different names according to the design and style of the shirt. The commonly known names are: Buba, Agbada and African bariga. These patterns of shirts are commonly had long sleeve shirts, embroidered pants and a hat.

· Dashikis

Dashiki is generally a loose fitting cotton fabric designed with lace, silk, brocade and the texture is generally of African print and is mostly prevalent in African men shirts. Such designs have embroidered work on the sleeves and the neck line which is generally V shaped. The neck lines vary in form and shape. Sometimes it can be rounded, square and closed. Such clothing’s are worn in West Africa and other parts of Africa s well.

· Brocade suits

Such suits often come with gold embellishments and can be considered as the most invigorating style of African clothing for men. The combo of the shirt and pant is made out of cotton brocade fabric and has a broad embroidered design with golden lace on the sleeves and pants, denoting the African roots of the wearer. The piece of clothing becomes fine and well designed when it is embroidered throughout the fabric.

African men shirts are designed with colorful laces and are embroidered with golden brocade which gives a bright shine to one’s wear. The color of the shirts are generally bright and have multicolored patterns with bold designs in them. The clothing or African men also comes with accessories like caps, hats, head wraps, shoes and many more. The shirts also have tribal points which are considered to be the original design of the place. There has always been a disparity in men’s day wear and night wear. The men of Africa tend to wear long coats at nights which are indeed bright color and are comfortable for the one wearing it.

The author, Chiranjit Roy is a fashion designer and has seen the growing demand of men to mix and match the styles all over the world. Such factors lead to the loss of uniqueness of the design of African men shirts, and are getting common accordingly.