Road Map to Andela Fellowship — Part 3

Day 2

On a more serious note, I want to ask you a question which I think will frame your mind into what it takes to achieving a quest in life. How much of yourself could you offer into a venture? How much of your time, talent, resources could you afford to sacrifice to achieve a set out goal? Personally, I have pondered so much on that and, seriously, I believe this is one thing most people take for granted or do unconsciously. Some people just put everything into what is at stake without much evaluation of the worth, whether it’s necessary and urgent, necessary but not urgent, urgent but not important or neither urgent nor important.

Life in itself is full of challenges which have been placed in time and space for every human to encounter. It is the manner in which you deal with these challenges that determines how much benefit you get in return. Not all that look like challenges are actually challenges, some are mere distractions. So, if you have a mind that is set on achieving something you should be able to evaluate situations to determine whether they are meant to be overcome or ignored.

Moreover, the track to the becoming a Fellow is been fun, characterized by different frills. For me, I treat programming languages like natural human languages for communication. To this end, it suffices to say that computer programming languages have cultures. If you are a PHP developer, you imbibe in you the culture of the PHP community, same goes with JavaScript, C Sharp, even C++.

In addition, it affects the way you think, respond/react to situations, solve problems and deal with people. The first time I experienced such paradigm shift was after I took an Introductory Course into Computer Science using Python with MIT (online). I had a refresh in my thought pattern.

Honestly speaking, try and learn a new language today and I assure you, your life will take a positive turnaround.

Well, I hope you've learnt something today and thanks for reading.