Choosing the Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

With all the social media platforms available to us today, some would think that being present on all of them would help get exposure. But that could not be farther from the truth. Every platform has its uses and has a way to help you express yourself and get out there. If you’re looking to post long stories, your opinion on something or just anything that requires you to write a long text, Twitter may not be right for you and FaceBook might be the way to go. So how do you choose your own platform? Keep reading to find out!

So Many Options! What do I do?

I get so many people asking me what platform they should use to promote their business. Most of them are music producers and artists but this knowledge applies to anyone.Â

I tell those people to look at every platform that they have at their disposal and see which one will help them share their content effectively. So lets take a look at the 5 biggest platforms and talk about their uses for a business.


Twitter is the third largest social media platform in the world after Facebook and Youtube. This means that Twitter is necessary for any business. Twitter is useful for so many different things and if used properly in combination with the other 4 platforms that I will talk about later on in this article, I believe any business can succeed. So lets get started and talk about what Twitter is useful for.

The main advantage of having a Twitter account as business is that you can connect with both current and prospect customers directly on the platform. The reason this is so useful is because people visit Twitter on a daily basis and just post their opinions about certain things or they may just be talking about random topics. So because of this, you can easily find out what people are saying about your company and products by using the search engine. And after you find out what people are saying about your brand or products, you can start interacting with them. For example: John Doe sais “ I love product X, thank you brand X for making my life easier.” You can easily reply to this post by saying thank you to them for purchasing your product and to stay tuned for any new products coming out. In my case it would be beats. Now you may also come across something along the lines of “Product X is garbage, etc, etc, etc.” You can reply to this by apologizing and telling the customer to send you a message so you can sort the issue out. This, in the long run, will help build brand loyalty and permanent customers.

Another thing that Twitter is great for is getting your brand out there visually. If your company account is constantly posting funny things, updates on products and quality content, every time there is a new post, people will see the company logo or whatever picture you have decided to use as your branding image. People will get used to this and if they enjoy what they see they will start liking the brand and trusting it. This may turn them into potential clients at some point.

Finally, something that I think may be used on every platform but is especially effective on Twitter is using the search engine to spy on your competition. By this I mean look up their brand and see what people are are saying about them. Then see what your competition is lacking and add that to your brand to attract more people. But do not compromise your brands authenticity by doing this. Remain true to your brands’ values because in the long run that is what will keep the customers around.

So as you can see there are many ways that Twitter is useful for business. And like every other platform I will be talking about in this article, this can be applied to any business. Next up is Instagram!


In 2017, Instagram is essential to any business. Why? Well its very simple. People love visuals and that is exactly what Instagram excels at. Visual marketing has become more and more important because it appeals to people more and also because images and videos have the power to emotionally touch someone in a much more effective way as opposed to words.

You can also use Instagram to enhance branding by showing appealing visuals of your products, services and even your logo. As I said before, this will touch people much more than simple words. If you pair that with showing your human side in videos and pictures of different aspects of your life and maybe even doing livestreams, this will greatly impact the trust people will have in your brand and also in you as a person because they will be able to see your face and interact with you.

Instagram can also be used to have people submit stuff to you by creating your own hashtag. You can have people submit random content by using this hashtag, or have them submit to a contest. This way people will be engaging with the brand and it will also build brand loyalty.

That is all for Instagram. It might not seem like much but after I done with all the platforms you will understand how everything ties in together. Next is Facebook!


Facebook… the king of all social media platforms. Yet, it seems to be hated for business. I never understood why. There are 1.18 BILLION logins DAILY!!! That is a massive amount of people that you can turn into clients.

When using Facebook as business, you have to use the tools that are offered to you. Facebook offers an array of tools to help you connect with your current and potential clients and turn them into “superfans”. The whole point of Facebook is for people to post about their lives and unlike Twitter, you can make your messages as long as you want which means that you can go more in depth on whatever you are talking about. But keep in mind, people have very short attention spans and will not read your 5 paragraph post about your new product. Keep it short and simple. Tell a story. Facebook is great for that.

Facebook also has an ad system which comes with so many targeting options to help you narrow down your target audience and reach more people who will actually turn into clients instead of targeting random people. Their ads also work great because they fit on the Facebook page as if it was just another post.

But the biggest advantage of Facebook is the page you can create for your business and actually build a community on it. This will allow your potential customers and current customers to interact with you and also it will allow them to interact with eachother. This is essential to making you more likeable.

So those are a few ways you can use Facebook for your business. Finally, we will move on to the last platform. Youtube!


I’m not going to ramble on about why Youtube is good for your business because I could go on for days. But I will say a few things that are essential to make your Youtube channel a great asset to your business.

First off, make sure your branding and art on your channel page is on point. Have a nice logo for your avatar and have a nice header but most importantly… have a good looking thumbnail. This is more important than anything else. If your thumbnail is attractive, more people will be likely to click on your video which will lead into more views and more potential customers.

Another very important thing to maximizing the use of your Youtube channel is the SEO that you do to it. Things like the Title, Description and Tags are extremely important in helping your video rank. I won’t be getting into how SEO is done so here is a link on the basics of SEO. Check it out and apply what your learn to help your channel and subscriber base grow.

The final and honestly the most important thing of all, GOOD CONTENT. Posting good content is absolutely necessary to keeping people subscribed to your Youtube channel and interested in your business. No matter how good your page looks, if you don’t have good content to keep the viewers hooked and wanting to come back for more than you’re doing something wrong.

The reason I added Youtube to this list is because through this platform, like Snapchat and Instagram, people will get to see the real you. You can document yourself and show them a day in your life. Take advantage of that and don’t be afraid of getting in front of the camera and talking to the people. That is what they like the most!!

Final Thoughts

So those are the platforms that I think you should be present on to help grow your business. Take advantage of the tips I have and start get your business off the ground. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

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