The Importance Of Consistency

Being an artist and a music producer is far from easy. But one thing I have found out that helps keep my buzz up online is being consistent. Let me explain how is stay consistent on the different platforms I use.


I use Facebook as my main source for networking, I personally think that it is the best place to find new fans and also it is very easy to network on Facebook. But to be effective you have to understand when to post and also how the Facebook algorithm works.

The Facebook system is very picky when posting your stuff. It looks at many different aspects to determine who will see your post.

The first thing it looks at is the number of likes and comments that are on your posts. For example: When you post a status. It will look at the number of likes and comments you get and also who the people are that interacted with you post. The algorithm will make sure that those people will see your post before anyone else.

So the best thing to do is figure out what time most people are active on Facebook and post during that time. This will allow you to maximize the engagement on your posts. Also, you have to try to post at least once 1 day so that people will keep seeing your posts. This way, when you post music videos or links to beats or whatever else you want people to see, you will get the maximum amount of people interacting with you.


The second platform I use to keep my buzz is YouTube. As a producer I use YouTube to post my beats. And the reason I find YouTube very effective is because artists who search for beats will go on YouTube most of the time and also people who are looking for new music will also search on YouTube.

The way YouTube works is that the more someone watches your videos, the bigger the chances are that your channel appears on their feed as soon as they log in to their YouTube account.

The best way to appear in someone’s feed is to be consistently posting content. As a producer, I try to post 3 or 4 beats a week. This keeps people interested and interacting with my videos and channel.


Instagram is not like Youtube or Facebook. It does not have an algorithm that decides who will see your posts. The best way to get a lot people interacting with you on Instagram is to post your photos or videos at the time of day that you know most people are online.

The key to getting more interaction on your photos or videos is something that I see many people forget but it is extremely important. TAGS!! If you tag your content properly, people will be able to find your post while searching. The more tags you have the more people you will be able to reach out to.


I used to be against using Twitter until I read “Crush It” and “Jab,Jab,Jab Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk. He really showed me that Twitter is an amazing platform to build relationships with potential customers and potential fans. People are always on Twitter and they always look for new content to consume.

In all honesty I am not a pro at using Twitter so I would rather reccomend you check out “50 Ideas On Using Twitter For Business” by Chris Brogan instead of me telling you guys everything he explains way better then I would be able.

Final Thoughts

I know that I missed out many other platforms that you could use to get your buzz up. For example: your personal website, Twitter and forums.

But my point is that if you use the 4platforms and any other platforms that you have, and apply the things I mentioned I will guarantee you that you will get more engagement and more fans.

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