The Importance of Social Media for Music Producers and Artists

Wherever you are in the world, you can use social media to reach out to people who are on the other side of the globe. Now most people use social media to post about their lives and share photos. So why is this important to music producers and artists? Well its very simple, because everyone is on social media, there is a extremely large audience for you to tap into. Simply posting your music on Soundcloud and spamming links all over your twitter and Facebook pages won’t get you plays. But fuck that. The goal is not to get plays, it is to get those people who listen to your music to become loyal supporters.

Loyal supporters are what you need to make it in the music industry. So the goal with social media is to do exactly what social media was made for : INTERACT WITH PEOPLE! This is something that a very large percentage of producers and artists ignore. If you can provide your followers with content they will enjoy or will be amused by then why don’t you do that? The one thing that artists like J.Cole, Ryan Leslie, Logic and even Young Thug and producers like Cardiak and !llmind do is that they show their human side. They do live streams, AMAs (ask me anything), they share their knowledge and they make people love them. This is why their fans are loyal to them and support them. They are taking advantage of social media to reach out to their target audience without spending money on advertising or even spending hours planning a marketing schedule. They are simply having fun on social media by interacting with their fans and followers.

Now you might be thinking “what the hell am I supposed to do? I don’t have a following like theirs to build off of.” Well its pretty simple, put yourself out there. Post short previews of your music, ask your fans some questions, show them your process of making music and more importantly show them what a day in your life is like. This doesn’t mean you need to do a 30 minute documentary of a day in your life. Instagram allows you to use 1 minute in a video. Take advantage of that to make a statement or show people what you’re currently up to. This will make you more relatable. And in the long run that will make your fanbase a solid one and one that will support you no matter what. The whole goal is to get people to react to your content and start a discussion.

Get creative and have fun with it. Do try to sell something. Most people see marketing as a way to make a sales pitch but that is absolutely wrong! Marketing is all about telling a story the people can relate to and that will keep them interested in you. Keep sharing your music but provide them people with some quality content and make them look forward to your next post.

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