Programming is hard. That’s precisely why you should learn it.
Roger Collier

Well written. But I slightly disagree. I don’t think that a difficult path is always rewarding. A lot of people plunge into tech with the thought that it is initially difficult but it will eventually be rewarding. But there are still a lot of people who don’t get the satisfaction and contentment even after treading a difficult and steep learning curve of programming.

Yes, compared to whiling away time on Netflix, YouTube,etc, spending time learning programming will be more rewarding but that may not be the case for someone who is not indulged in these things.

So, every hard thing may not be rewarding, it depends on what one is seeking and I think that holds for programming too.

Also, what if somebody does happen to be lucky that he gets easily what he finds rewarding; should he then dismiss it on account of being easily available and still seek out the ‘difficult’ paths just because he should ? I in that case would feel grateful on being lucky and enjoy the contentment that I get from it, still seeking things that could be even more rewarding.