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The KJM (Keep Junk Managed System)

 an Overview

Although I am not a writer by trade, I love to do it (when I have the time). Something that I am also not a…

How Quitting Made me Happy

It’s interesting to think that one year ago, I had decided to begin writing about productivity. At the same time, I was envisioning my role…

How Quitting Made me More Productive

It’s interesting to think that one year ago, I had decided to begin writing about productivity. At the same time, I was…

Prayer for Edmund — July 2014

Heavenly father,

As we come to you in prayer, we thank you for the ability to seek you in our times of need. We ask that you keep your favor and your hand on Edmund as he struggles in his situation at work.

Father we hear your word when you tell us that servants should serve their masters with respect. And we also hear that…

Prayer for Shokat

Submitted June 8 2014

To our God in Heaven,

Let me thank you for Shokat. The determination to take care of a parent shows a great maturity and responsibility that we thank you for. We ask that you bring peace as we know that you have not left us or forsaken us.

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Discovering your Ministry with a Chapter by Chapter Study through Acts

KJM Rule No. 1

Know How You Work

Everyone has a system, but not everyone knows how their system works. In order to “Keep Junk Managed”, you must first know how the junk gets to you and what you usually do with it.

Do you have a neat organized labeled pile, or are you an “Organized Mess”? Do you have a sticky note collection or do you automate and make…

Prayer for a Sick Nephew

For our Friend Ben on March 26, 2104

Wonderful God,

We come to you asking that a marvelous healing be done in our friend Ben’s nephew. He is young and has these wonderful Godly influences around him. As he goes in for these medical tests we ask that you have presence in the hospital room, and that you be with the family as…

11 Tomatoes a Day

#WeeklyChallenge 2

This week I thought I would turn from creativity and switch to productivity. Time management is a crucial skill to have in the business world. More and more people are taking work home that could be done at the office and bring more of home into the office when work could be completed. I propose to find a method to help manage time…

Free Write: The Conclusion

#WeeklyChallenge 1

Its been a week since I started the first #weeklychallenge. I thought I would wrap up this challenge using the free write style myself. Although this will be proofread for professionalism, the whole article will be a 5 minute brain dump of my thoughts on this challenge. I apologize in advance about the format.

UPDATE: FreeWriting

#WeeklyChallenge 1

As I reach the half-way point of my first #weeklychallenge ( 10 Minutes a day towards Creativity ) I though I would reflect my thoughts.

Morning Freewrite

I must admit that the morning freewrite is very difficult. I the first day my brain was very groggy as I lay in bed trying to force…

10 Minutes a day towards Creativity  

Weekly Challenge #1

Let me first say this. I have never successfully kept a journal for an extended period of time. I have however continued to write and push myself to be better.

After reading the several articles about the cognitive advantages of exhaustion(My Favorite Titled: Why Being Sleepy and Drunk are

IFTTT —  Twoodo into Evernote

A cleaner integration — at a free small price 

Last week I discussed my discovery of utilizing Twoodo’s Email System to Send your Twoodo Tasks to Evernote. Although I am happy with the ability to to this, I was not quite ecstatic about the returned note and the format it provided. The subject became the title which in return would…