IFTTT —  Twoodo into Evernote

A cleaner integration — at a free small price 

Last week I discussed my discovery of utilizing Twoodo’s Email System to Send your Twoodo Tasks to Evernote. Although I am happy with the ability to to this, I was not quite ecstatic about the returned note and the format it provided. The subject became the title which in return would make a good task but a really ugly title. Although I am hoping to work with the Twoodo team in fixing these details, I have come up with an alternative that better suits my needs and also helps with the organization of the tasks.

By Using IFTTT, you can create a recipe that allows you to add tasks to a centralized Evernote list. This is good because, if you are utilizing the hastag system of Twoodo (Which if you aren’t, why not) then you can quickly organize these tasks into seperate lists. Or if you have a lot of lists to add. Once you change the name of the existing list in Evernote, it will create a new list.

This method does involve a little more work inside of Evernote than I would prefer, since my system has me reviewing and organizing my notes once a day. But even then I go in and rename and then I get back out, so the time spent is marginal. Also, since I already use so many other channels to inject information into my Evernote, (I may post some recipes one day), Having one that just puts things in the default “.incoming” notebook actually gives it a purpose once again.

For now I will just explain the recipe and give my guidance.

  1. In IFTTT, ensure that you have the “Mail” and “Evernote” channels open.
  2. Create the simple note of if Mail — Receive incoming mail from email (your IFTTT account must have the same email that you registered with Twoodo), Then Evernote — Append to a to-do note.
  3. Edit your recipe by setting the note to the email subject. Rename the note to “Twoodo Tasks” (Or whatever you would like it to be). You can also choose to have these stored and tagged to your preference. I like to keep it simple and I do my tagging during the review. I do store them in a notebook called Reviews but I let them send to my default notebook that way I can look at all of the other items in there at one time.

Now when you go to create your twoodo notes if you link them to [email protected], it will automatically append the notes to my evernote Twoodo Task List.

The best part about this system is that you have set the note to append. This means that it only creates one note and when you complete the items you can mark them off not only in your twoodo but also in your evernote in your end-of-day.

There are many different ways to go about this and IFTTT is constantly working on creating more channels. This method really caters to the strength of Twoodo. All of the default tags are omitted however when you add custom tags it places them in front which allows you to quickly organize yourself if you do need to move items.

I hope to see Twoodo and Evernote working together to bring this functionality together.