Jour 375 Assignment 2- 15 photos

This is a portrait of Jennifer Ventura outside during the day.
Jenn smiling outside in a shaded area.
For this photo we used the existing light coming in from the window.
This photo was taken with an uncovered lamp being used as the main light source. This made Jenn look a lot less washed out.
Jenn posing outside at sunset.
5 books stacked in my living room with the existing light.
5 books using a lamp as the main light source.
The same 5 books outside in a shaded area.
For an indoor sporting picture I captured a few shots of the Ole Miss Hockey team during their tryouts.
I captured this photos while my friends were getting ready to play flag football.
This is my friend Bruce jumping to catch a pass after their flag football game.
This photo shows the use of panning. I chose to use this toy zamboni because the New York Rangers are my favorite sports team, so I was able to make the photo a little more interesting for myself.
Jenn helped me with this photo. The railing is used to show “leading lines” which brings your focus to her at the end of the stairs.
I used a friends parked car in my parking lot to show the “Rule of Thirds”.
For depth of field I grabbed my favorite item in the world (Diet Coke) and set this photo up.
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