I am a life-long Democrat and I have voted for all Democratic presidential candidates but one since I turned 18, 42 years ago!

Hillary is among the best in that time span. Her experiences have been diverse and valuable in preparing her for the presidency. She understands and supports the role of Federal Government in the big and important issues: safety of our country, health care, social security, transportation, the military, and so much more. She taught us that Women’s Rights are Human Rights. She taught us (without shrinking from the ridicule) that it takes a village. She teaches us the power of determination. She knows how to listen to us and change her position when she learns new things. She is tireless. She is smart.

She clearly loves our country.

People who work with and for her become loyal over time: she is a great leader. Leaders of countries around the world respect her.

She has made some big mistakes, like setting up her own email server as Secretary of State. She creates mistrust when this happens. However, I cannot jump on the “lock her up” bandwagon. There is so much more evidence of good deeds than bad in her resume.

I love that she is running for President, I love she may well be first woman president.

I get she does not stir hearts, however she moves me to action, I support her and I hope she wins: our country needs her!

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