Delusional Inspiration

Feeding your appetite for knowledge

Times change quickly and so do I. Pushing my mind to grow faster than my immediate circumference, I’ve been considering myself ‘ahead of my times’ for quite a bit now. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to label this deceptive & dangerous contemplation as a strikingly competent means to grow your appetite for knowledge.

You are what you think.

This delusional inspiration essentially expanded its roots through a lot of content around Leonardo DaVinci that I apprehended in a fairly brief chronology.Hence, the should-be temporary influence it embarked on my mindset, led me to make a decision that potentially will change my game forever.It would seem to be quite an ordinarily naive choice to the ordinarily uninitiated, for it is a defiance to one of the absurd social norms to follow the herd, to instantly kill any courage to differ yourself.

It is such rare moments of brilliance that can take you beyond your personal definitions of success.At times,character strength has to overcome logical predictions to make space for unforeseen yet revolutionary opportunities.The vicious circle of comfort,compromise and obedience is fundamental to observe and extend your learnings, but the harder part lies in breaking out of the circle & applying this information to dig out more of once-inaccessible informational pieces.


Once the boundaries are pushed, it takes little effort to abolish their very existence. And when there are no boundaries the mind opens up to endless opportunities once again through growing enthusiasm, curiosity and a sense of positivity even in general thought process. At this stage, you tend to create new boundaries which again is a self-defined delusion but it makes one feel comfortable for the notion of no-limits is hard to digest for an average human mind, but that is something that differentiates the Newtons, Einsteins, Copernicus’, Hawkings, Da Vincis from the rest.

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