Philosophy or Science?

What could lead to the ultimate truth?

Quite convincingly, the one most intriguing question in the history of mankind, has been about the origin of life and consciousness. But even the most brilliant minds to have ever existed on the planet, have not been able to decisively put an end to this argument.Most of us too have contemplated and tried to reason our very existence at some point of our lives, individually or collaboratively, but yet, the absolute answer always seems to be beyond human inhibition.

Philosophers of the past and the present have put forth quite a lot of theories that explain the necessity of a higher power, much to a blunt denial from the most gifted scientists. Science on the other hand, has no room for personal-universal theories that haven’t been proven and partly because there’s atleast one for everyone.

So what do we do? What do we put our belief in?

Following the science way is supposed to make us rational in the eyes of the society. But is it enough an explanation to our being? It surely isn’t. The answer most definitely lies in the collaboration of these two subjects.

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