Why I’m Writing

During my last meeting with a nameless VP at Twitter, I shared with him that while I love Medium as a consumer, I haven’t really found my voice as a creator on this platform. My excuse was that I’m in what I describe as “limbo” right now. Well, he gave me a couple ideas of things that he found interesting in our 30 minute convo that I could possibly write about. So thanks KC, for helping me find that voice!

Btw, limbo is where you go after you decide to graduate from Howard University a year early and take an internship at Twitter in hopes that it will turn into a full-time offer that actually matches your interests.

Basically, this will just be a record of my journey to greatness. Today is August 5th and I have no idea what I’ll be doing on September 5th. But as a wise young man once said,

We gon’ be alright!
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