by {Changhoon Yoon & Seungsoo Lee} @ KAIST

Changhoon Yoon is currently CTO of S2W.

Slide is here

Software-Defined Networking (SDN), by decoupling the control logic from the closed and proprietary implementations of traditional network devices, allows researchers and practitioners to design new innovative network functions/protocols in a much easier, more flexible, and powerful way. This technology has gained significant attentions from both industry and academia, and it is now at its adoption stage. When considering the adoption of SDN, the security vulnerability assessment is an important process that must be conducted against any system before the…

Hitchhicker 를 생각하며 고른 unsplash 이미지.. 여행하고 싶다 ㅋ

벡스가 드디어 한국에서도 열렸다. 원래 올해 3월이었는데 Line의 내부적 이슈로 급작스럽게 연기 되었다. 개인적으로 벡스의 발표자 Reward 좋다. 흥수님과 승진님 센스가… :)

그리고 이번 Becks 발표자 라인업이 화려하다. 역시 섭외력.. 훌륭!

Kay Kyoung-ju Kwak

Director, Head of Cyber threat intelligence group Talon at S2W. S2W CTI 그룹인 Talon 을 총괄하고 있으면 Blackhat Asia, Europe, Kaspersky SAS 등 다수의 컨퍼런스에서 발표하였음

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