Often in life we feel like we are invisible. Like our life somehow does not matter.

Yet, the truth of the matter is, you are not invisible and your life really does matter. So, what’s going on here. Why do so many feel this way?

As the world rapidly changes around you, we find that many principles are dematerializing. That is, becoming less structured and less coherent, economically, politically and socially. Not disappearing but rather becoming less material (less substantial — less understandable). Material dissolution is occurring in just about every possible category in human understanding. The world is changing and rapidly, in fact change is accelerating. If you want to survive productively and to be able to produce with effortless abundance, you need to understand this change.

Change is inevitable and is created by both the impulse of the universe (evolution); but more importantly it is the human capacity to harness this change which brings dematerialization at the forefront. Yet this change is nothing new. It’s just the amount and the speed of change which has been altered in current time and space. Change is the only constant throughout the universe . The issue though is that most individuals resist this constant change (minus the change-makers). We tend to hide behind the walls of comfort, hoping that the change might not find us. Yet, this change is unstoppable.

Change allows us to grow, yet most of us resist. It is here, at the individual level that we must change this one word. Rather than saying we must change would it not be better to say we must make the decision to grow. In growth we find progress. Growth allows us to adapt with the change. That is, you become part of that change. You become the change you desire. The world becomes better when you grow with the change. This means that you are constantly adapting. Changing within the system.

Now imagine exponential growth. The ability to adapt faster than the change.

As the world around you shifts, as wages shrink, and the need for this and that diminish, you give yourself the added ability to adapt quicker than the change you sense around you. Success can be found within your growth matrix which then allows you to keep pace and perhaps even quicken within this constant world of change. That is, your power to grow as the world continues to change.

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