Pulling Laggards


Nine years ago I walked into a doctor’s office in San Diego to meet with Doctor Carlson. He was a radiologist in North County and I was an Account Executive at AT&T selling their tech to healthcare facilities. I was there to talk to him about “mobility” and leveraging technology to improve patient care. I laid out a new product we were introducing to the market called the iPhone.

I explained to the doctor that this device was going to revolutionize the way consumers communicated and eventually, fundamentally change how healthcare was delivered to patients. I was laughed out of that office. “Ridiculous! How am I ever going to read a x-ray on such a small device?”


For over 10 years, I have worked to push lagging industries to adopt technology. I didn’t stop after getting lampooned at Dr. Carlson’s office that day. I actually doubled down and have since sought out other industries that need to modernize. Five years ago, after many successes (and failures) in healthcare, I turned my attention to the nonprofit sector. Enter RallyBound.

RallyBound is making philanthropy digital. We’ve set out to build the most innovative platform to manage nonprofit fundraising. Annually, less than 10% of domestic individual giving is processed online. It’s no secret that dramatic shifts are in store with 197 million Americans now owning a smartphone. In many respects, the nonprofit sector is in a similar place healthcare was in 2009. Right on the cusp of realizing the full benefits of implementing technology to reduce costs, increase funds and improve the end-user experience. It’s an exciting time to be in this sector. Watch this space.