CNA Week #2

Jonathan Falwell Won’t Follow Brother’s Footsteps

The brother of Jerry Falwell and the lead pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church recently released a statement explaining why he won’t endorse candidates. He urges people to vote, but wants them to remember that Christ is the only hope for this country, no matter who’s in office. Liberty University also issued statements not endorsing Trump or anyone else for office.

Violent Murder Puts Lynchburg Man Away For Life

Dominique Moss has been arrested and charged with first degree murder after Shawn Moss was found dead three weeks ago. Evidence suggests that Dominique shot the victim 17 times. A judge described the crime as being the most violent that Lynchburg has seen.

Local Police Investigate Series of Burglaries

Lynchburg police have been investigating nine burglaries that occurred in the Dearington neighborhood since January 3rd. Electronics, cosmetics, clothing, firearms, and other household items have been counted among the stolen items. Police are still asking the public for any leads regarding the crimes.

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