Writing Leads

BOE Meeting

Who attended the meeting? All members from the Hattiesburg Board of Education

What was discussed at the meeting? The loss of enrollment and a new set of rules were introduced

When did this meeting occur? Tuesday morning

Why were a new group of rules proposed? To prohibit females from wearing miniskirts, male students from having long hair and all students, in general, from wearing blue jeans.

Who headed up the meeting? Assistant Superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer

How did the members respond to the meeting topics? They accepted the enrollment numbers and went on to pass the new set of rules.

Lead: The Hattiesburg Board of Education met Tuesday morning to discuss their loss of enrollment and propose new rules for the school year.

Faculty in Plane Crash

Who was in the plane crash? Associate professor of rural sociology, John Dumont and associate professor of English, George Johnson, along with the rest of the passengers aboard the TWA jet

What happened? Plane crashed during takeoff

When did the accident occur? Thursday night

Where did the accident happen? Kennedy International Airport in New York City

Why were the professors aboard the plane? They were returning from conferences.

How many aboard were killed/injured? Out of 45 passengers aboard, five were killed, while the professors remained unharmed

Lead: Two associate professors from Backwater State University were involved in a plane crash at Kennedy International Airport, on Thursday night.

Meeman Speaks

Who spoke? Norman Meeman, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

What book did he win the award for?My Life as Far as It Goes”

When did he speak? He spoke on Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Where did he speak? At the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library in Room 111

Why did he speak? He spoke on the importance of getting out and living life. Writing from these experiences are what make Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

How many people did he speak to? There were 67 people, mostly English students, in the audience

Lead: Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Norman Meeman, spoke at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Professor Wins Award

Who hosted the award show? The Freedoms Foundation

What type of award was given out? The George Washington Honor Medal

When did this take place? Last Tuesday

Where did the award announcement take place? Pennsylvania

Why was Clement Crabtree among the winners? He wrote the essay, “Plan for Peace”, urging the distribution of free seed packets.

How many winners were there? There were 32 winners total.

Lead: In Pennsylvania last Tuesday, the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, announced its 32 George Washington Honor Medal winners.

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