The four mad men.

By the sea, one was singing, staring at the sky without fear. He sang for himself, maybe. He was happy. And that was what mattered to him. Missing notes or even words was not his concerns. He smiled. 
Also by the sea was a man - fast asleep. As the sun rose up after a days work in another time zone, the sun was here to begin work in ours. But this man lie entangled with sleep. Sleep had somehow managed to keep him comfortable and resting even as the sun scattered over his face.
This man was very particular, because he was being noticed by everyone around him. In the beginning he had a big stone that he threw right into the center of the road, breaking into smaller pieces. He would keep picking up the pieces and throwing it again and again. Just wouldn't stop. As though the world was breaking him, into bits and pieces, and he was finding his tolerance. 
Finally a man, a man who thought he was more learned than any of the three who are mentioned above, jogged and walked by the sea. He observed insanity and claimed it wasn't. He remembered Salvador Dali's quotes - the difference between a mad man and me is that i'm not mad. He was insane himself perhaps. He was me.
The four things we'd like to understand would be - 1. like the first man its best to be happy whatever we're doing. 2. the second man teaches us to let comfort surround you in the times of trouble. 3. the third man asks us to shatter ourselves to understand our tolerance. 4. and all I'm asking you is to be you - insane or observant or mad or particular or thoughtful
You are what you think you are. Be mad