A Fast Paced Introduction

In this session we were given the task of designing smart vehicle interfaces that suit specific peoples needs. We explored the entire design process involved from brainstorming to coming up with a product and presenting it.

Our smart car interface’s interaction flow

We first brainstormed different types of specific users and categorized the into broader groups. From there we choose a specific user; in y groups case, we choose the city commuter. We then needed to brainstorm the different needs a a city commuter could have for their smart car interface to handle. continuing the design process, our group came up with a design for our smart vehicle’s interface focusing on interaction flow and creating user interface screens.

The charratte process was an exciting way to experience several stages of the user centered design process. While it was very fast paced, I liked how we were able to get a taste of all the different steps involved. The brief exposure to each step did make me more excited to explore them all more in depth! I particularly enjoyed coming up with the actual look of the interactive interface and I’m excited to do more work in this area. I also enjoyed the process of working with so many different people. Everyone was able to bring different and interesting ideas that helped enhance each groups designs.

The charrette approach was a good introduction to what I might be experiencing in future design projects. This kind of process seems very useful for idea gathering and brainstorming for many kinds of products. While we explored ideas for smart car interfaces, this process could also be applied to designing products from smart phone apps to household items. In the upcoming weeks i know i will have the chance to more closely examine the different stages we went through this week. The session helped me get used to brainstorming ideas efficiently (no matter how ridiculous they may seem at the time!) and bouncing ideas off of other members which will both be vital skills in the future.