How I leveraged reading my Bible using my addition for Facebook.

There were times where I used to visit Facebook more frequent and rapidly than I visited my Bible, as a Christian. It came to a realisation where I needed to change this paradigm. Even though I wasn’t immensely addicted to this platform, I felt the edge for an equal or more addiction to the word of God compared to what I had for the former. I once asked myself how I could best turn this around. I figured this out which I think could help others in similar situations.

It was simple yet helpful. I placed my Bible app next to the Facebook app on my homescreen and every time I think of hitting my Facebook app (minutes, hours, days, weeks...), there my Bible app was, clinging next to it. Since then, I have been compelled to run through the Bible app before I get on here.

Lesson learned: we sometimes need simple solutions to turn things around and draw closer to God as Christians. There’s always no need for a high-grade intervention. This may apply and be helpful to other religions with sacred books as well.

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