The Trip’s Over, And Now I Need a Job

On June 12, 2016 a trip I’d been dreaming of taking for years came to an end as we pulled into my parent’s yard in Kittson County, Minnesota.

We actually ended up cutting the trip two days short so I could get to Seattle, Washington, a week earlier for job searching, packing and petting my cat, Olive.

The last two days of our trip consisted of mostly driving, but we had one last unplanned stop on day 26.

That day we drove from Yellowstone National Park and had planned, but didn’t have reservations to camp in the Black Hills National Forest.

Instead of camping there, I found us a campground just outside of Deadwood, South Dakota, where Wild Bill Hickok was famously killed. HBO also ran a TV series named after the town in the mid-2000s depicting the early Western days there.

When Natalie and I arrived in Deadwood, humidity greeted us, so we decided to shower before taking the $1 trolley into town.

We first stopped at the Deadwood Social Club for supper we had salad, walleye and homemade cheesecake.

At various times throughout the trip, Natalie had talked about having an old time portrait taken, so we decided to do that next.

We dressed in saloon costumes and had our picture taken at the typical bar scene with empty bottles and pistols strewn about.

Before picking up our prints just before 10 p.m., we went to Saloon No. 10, which is below the Deadwood Social Club for a drink and live music. We checked out a karaoke bar after picking up our prints as well.

The next day, we decided to head for home. We had planned on going to Mount Rushmore and the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, and then seeing my college friend, Sammi, in Montevideo, Minnesota, but changed our minds.

The trip home from Deadwood was about nine hours of mostly interstate driving. We pulled in the driveway before 7 p.m. and unloaded the Buick before having leftovers for supper.

It actually worked out well that we came home early because we were able to squeeze in getting family photos taken, but I didn’t get to spend as much time with my family after the trip as I had originally planned.

I moved my flights from Fargo, North Dakota, to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle up by one week and flew out on Tuesday. Due to dicey weather conditions between Minneapolis and Fargo, all the planes in the Twin Cities were grounded. My first flight ended up being delayed by about five hours, but after missing two connections, I was able to catch the last flight for Seattle out of Minneapolis that night. I got to my apartment at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

I spent my first day back unpacking, running errands, going through mail and generally trying to catch up. Today has been focused on job hunting and cuddling with Olive.

It doesn’t feel like I was away traveling for a month. Natalie and I got to see and have a lot of great experiences, but I feel as though I dreamed them all; I just fell asleep one day in May and woke up a month later.