Positioning for Self

As the world continues to be disrupted and new trends emerge so, too must each person. That person is you and I!

It is well known that competition for many things is increasing whether it’s the job market or college. As a result, we must be better in our development of skills and talents to be marketable. We must learn and adapt to enhance our positioning which is really no different than a company positioning a product/service.

Positioning is best defined as a marketing strategy for the brand to have a clear unique message from the customer’s perspective. Due to increased competitiveness, it is now paramount to develop entrepreneurial talents and skills effectively marketed to corporations.

It is no longer viable to expect past career path methodologies and approaches to be successful in our emerging world. Because we are rational and emotional, we can have a powerful and positive impactful perspective because of action.

We must develop much more than a concept of who we are but a defined position of what we are to become. All the while, knowing this too is constantly changing and emerging and not static. We are dynamic in so many ways, as we should always be growing and emerging as well. Something which also requires strategy to maximize seen and unseen opportunities.

We bring uniqueness which hiring managers, CEO’s, education, and the world is now adamantly in search of — talent that can produce. It manifested now as charisma, knowledge and likability.

There is a direct correlation with college choice, selection, and admissions. It’s not just a simple matter to receive acceptance as financing college is one of the single most important investments of our lifetime. Colleges must also view their admission’s practices and strategies for effective matching. Striving to ensure the environment and culture of the school align with the prospective student and it goes both ways for the student as well. Then there are the intangibles of the person which are challenging to measure but are the cornerstones of a person which fosters development into a contributing, thoughtful and rational person. Furthermore, this is precisely what the personal essay is attempting as part of the college application process. In essence, a positioning statement which is a compelling narrative highlighting uniqueness, intangibles, traits, qualities, and talents that will contribute to the college experience as benefits.

Because it seems we are in constant change, refining and redefining who we are, we must also reposition.

To be clear, positioning oneself is not based on assumptions but clear presentation of our unique talents and character to be received as strengths towards enrichment and value. By eliminating superficial and non contextual variables as criteria our reputations becomes solidified, thus our value goes up to be part of a institution, organization, and community.

In the end, it’s the customer, school or organization that will determine perception. By focusing on core attributes and demonstrated qualities any and all competition has potential to be enhancing for any customer.