Why adopting a side hustle could be the key to finding a more meaningful career
Purpose Generation

More people should do this…

I have always had a side hustle going on. Several in the past few decades. I never regretted a single one.

At the very least you learn a new skill, a new lesson, make a new professional connection, and maybe even make a few extra dollars to help pay the bills.

I did them to learn new things, do things my bosses would not allow, work with new tech, have a creative outlet, etc.

I started my last one 3 years ago (http://TribeBoost.com) — as I thought I had a pretty good idea for a new service.

At the time I hated my job for a variety of reasons and the side project was literally the only thing I looked forward to in my working world.

I stuck with it…filling in work when I could at night, lunch breaks, weekends.

18 months later I had gotten the business grown to the point I was finally able to work for myself and quit my job.

The liberation on an intellectual level is so rewarding, not to mention the control over my time and who I work with.

3 years later I am a much happier person and also have an unexpected side effect — I also make more money.

Great article…thanks for taking time to inspire others!

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