Deadlines ☹

I cannot believe it has been 10 weeks since I started this program at The Iron Yard! I’m about to start the second to last week at The Iron Yard, and there is still so much to day before graduating. I am currently working on ,y final project which I will demo in front of friends, classmates, and the scariest of all; potential employers. On top of that I am trying to rewrite my resume and cover letter, in order to better tailor it towards a job in a career field I’ve never worked. Usually two weeks seems like a lifetime away, but in this instance it feels like the blink of an eye. Truth be told, I could have another 12 weeks to work on my project and I still wouldn’t feel like it was ready. There is always something more that can be done, a new feature to add, or a new view to render. Granted, just because I have to demo what I’ve made, doesn’t mean I have to push it out to the world right then and there. It just symbolizes what I’ve done so far in X amount of time. You are never really ever done with a project, and that was one of the big draws for me coming into this new career field. I like that there is always something more that can be added to a project, and nothing is set in stone. I’m definitely nervous about leaving this course and searching for a job. Everyone keeps reassuring me I’ll be able to find something, but I don’t want just something, I want to find the right job. What that looks like I do not know yet, but either way I’ll figure it out, I always do ☺.

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