Damsel Dirge

Lucky little you,

Damsels in despair

We all believe in our hearts

Hidden under knuckle battered chests

We are most certainly designed to save you.

We come ready with a war chest full of insecurities and unchecked egos.

White knight,

Black suit,

Red cape,

Pacifier shield.

Army of Babies pulling on ill fitting man costumes

Distinguished Superman Under Roos.

Lucky you,

Gathered up in our selfish hulking arms,

Air tight

Squeezing for purpose around your understanding neck

A soundly pop will not halt our never ending pursuit.

A timeless loop of a misogynist Looney Tune of anxious, sweaty flesh

Playing in syndication in every language

Our fear of becoming irrelevant.

Casual barbarians draped in feminine furs

Lucky you,

Rescued from the tower we set ablaze

Carried limp from our caveman blow

A fair fight since we cannot lose,

Slay your pet dragon

Starve your kingdom

A hundred year drugged sleep

Imprisoned in our devotion

Haunting you with our misguided perception of masculinity

Barrel chests and Norse god beards forever

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