Bloggers who care about organic traffic would probably know a lot about link building. It is a measure of how many websites find your blog worthy enough to link to.

Back in the early days of Google, search rankings were primarily decided by the number of backlinks a website had. This created an inventive problem as bloggers and SEOs turned to automated link building schemes to get top rankings.

Google has evolved since then and diversified its ranking algorithm much more.

Backlinks don’t matter as much as they once did, but they are one of the more important ranking factors.

The challenge with link building now is that a lot of the old techniques don’t really work well. …

Convert WooCommerce to Mobile App
Convert WooCommerce to Mobile App

Not a long time back, running an online store was an aspiration. Entrepreneurs marvelled at the seamless functionalities and features of ecommerce stores like Amazon. It seemed impossible to create an online store from ground up without an extensive background in programming.

The same was true for running a website. It seemed impossible to run anything online without a decent tech background in programming.

Things have changed now. Running an online store is not a lofty aspiration anymore. With plugins like WooCommerce and a CMS like WordPress, anyone without a technical background can run an ecommerce store. …

If you have a product business or any other business, you must know the difficulties of keeping your user base engaged as time passes.

To be in the marketing trend, you have approached a WooCommerce mobile app builder to create your app.

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However, building a mobile app is just not enough. With time, all marketing channels decrease their efficiency. You need to be aware of new marketing tactics if you want to have continued user engagement, no matter what kind of business you are in. Keep adapting to the channels your target audience wants to engage with you.

Push notifications are one of the most important marketing tactics that you should be using in your mobile app. This instant messaging is just not an effective way to reach your audience in real-time, but a great way to retain them. …

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