Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

Hi Garett,

Uber is one of the most innovative product that we appreciate with all our hearts in South Africa because it has addressed a real need for most of us.

Few cases of benefit, we witnessed

  1. In SA, Uber has brought down the rate of road accidents that happened on weekends when people drink and drive when coming from partying and clubbing. Most middle class leave their cars behind on Fridays and Uber to clubs and gigs then return in the early hours of Saturday morning drunk but safe in a Uber cab.
  2. The unemployment rate in SA is high, not many people afford to buy a car. The car you drive is a status symbol even when you pitch on a date or business meeting. You would be laughed at and not taken seriously pitching up with those old metered taxi to a date or business meeting. Uber solved this with Uber Black that made many to travel in style like business people in Mercedes Benz C-Class and BMW. Pitching up in those cars mean’t you mean real business. Even poor afforded to show up to events and clubs like they were rich.
  3. Asking a metered taxi to take you to airport even if it was 1 mile away was like committing a financial suicide. They priced a customer based on how the customer is dressed. If you dressed in suits, the prices were steep, the day you wearing casual the price are bit better but still steep. This was just a pure robbery, there was no definite system that the price was based upon. Uber saved us from that misery.

Anyways, every company faces problems, but as long as it works to fix its problems and improve overall customer experience then most will fall into place.

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