The Beginning of Uber
Garrett Camp

Thanks Garett for the share. You guys did your market research very well back then.

I am glad that yourself and Travis launched Uber worldwide, I am a heavy Uber user myself. However, in South Africa as Uber customers including drivers, we face a lot of intimidation from metered taxi drivers due to the feeling that Uber is killing their existing business. We are aware as customers that the honeymoon days of monopoly for metered taxi drivers is long over, we now have a better, cheaper and safer option, which is Uber and that is why metered taxi feel Uber is a threat.

What concerned me was that I have not seen local Uber offices taking a more solid stance in protecting their clients in South Africa especially during these tensions. At least drivers and customers who have used Uber for long have wisen up to communicate a safer pickup location when tensions arise between Uber and metered taxi. For new Uber users, it becomes a terrible experience altogether.

Lastly, the recent Uber app charges customer during request based on a longer route pre-selected by the app and does not give the customer the option to suggest a shorter route. Earlier versions allowed the customer to travel without entering the destination, which allowed us a customers to use shorter route we know and be charged fairly. I am wondering why was that flexibility taken away.

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