The Glass Castle Book Review

The Glass Castle by Jeannette walls is a disturbing group of stories and events that makes us question our own ability to overcome the difficulties of our daily lives. Jeanette brings us along on a journey through her dark and dimly lit road in the wrong part of town called her memory lane. Giving us disturbing detail about her below average childhood. The award winning author gives a compelling and entertaining look at her nomadic life. From moving around and struggling to find food to abuse and struggling to fit in. Jeanette’s story gives us a good sense of what fending for yourself as a child would be. This novel is a easy read for anyone, though it does have many adult themed topics, such as sexual abuse, and alcoholism. This is a must read for anyone. Regardless of your favorite genera or if you love fiction or nonfiction. The author’s real life stories sometimes feel like just that a story. It is unbelievable that any child could ever go through these events and become a functioning member of society. I highly recommended The Glass Castle it is a great book and will make you question your values, and appreciate your family life.

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