How a pandemic brought people back to their roots and transformed the climate change conversation

Shelby Mosello walked along the flower beds at Loy Farm, monitoring plant progress and enjoying another quiet, reflective morning at work.

“Quite frankly I think there is no better way to start the day then waking up, driving to school and watering the plants,” Mosello said.

“It was April 24. You just don’t forget the date.”

She left his apartment confused and in pain, not knowing what to do or what had even happened to her. The night had quickly turned from fun and harmless to dangerous and scary. That night she experienced firsthand the blurred line between the beginning and end of consent, just like so many women before her.

After a night of drinking last spring, Jane* met up with a guy she had been seeing and the two walked back to his apartment together.

*Jane is a pseudonym for the source who wishes…

How vintage shopping became one of the fastest-growing consumer trends

Shoppers from across Alamance County gathered in downtown Burlington, North Carolina for the first annual Rugged Renewal Vintage Market. The event was held, fittingly, at the Historic Depot which provided a quaint backdrop for the 27 vendors, food trucks and tons of families that attended the event.

Lindsay Russell is the co-owner of an antique shop in Graham, North Carolina called Rugged Revival with her mother, Debbie Dehart. …

Megan Donahue stares at the old Chevy bus that is now her own. To most people, the 22-year-old bus is a piece of garbage, but to Donahue, it is a blank canvas.

She remembers picking it out at the Wheely Mart in Graham over the summer. She had been looking around Alamance County for the perfect bus for her project. When she came across the 1996, 11-seater Chevy activity bus in Graham, her first instinct was to purchase the bus and get to work right away.

Donahue plans to renovate the bus and turn it into a tiny home, complete…

Katherine Kane

Student journalist at Elon University. Fascinated by stories and the people who make them.

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