It’s unfortunate that there are always going to be people getting the short end during technology…
Dan Murrell

Interesting attempt to put it back on the user— the “oh you’re too old fashioned, you should adopt the latest hotness!” argument only works when the old fashioned way doesn’t work in the best way possible and you’re innovative new product works in an amazing way that transforms ux and has people talking about how they’re the cool ones now.

This is anything but, it’s an interesting attempt to drive the tech forward but the solution used is proprietary so android users can’t follow in a similar fashion and blue-tooth truly is terrible for audio solutions. the pairing feature is a major pain point and apple could have done away with this by introducing a new protocol that they use on all their devices and provide for a fee to others. Instead they chose to iterate in the wonderfully old-fashioned closed-source manner which no-doubt will work wonderfully for users of the airpod v2.0 (and hence retroactively for the early adopters who’re gonna see the real issues with the tech) but still leaves the problem of the rest of the mobile world iterating in different ways on wireless audio. Don’t get me started on them sticking with lightning when the whole world wants to standardise on usb 3.0.

This wireless audio wild-west phase like the vhs/betamax bluray/hd-dvd phases before it. Lets not forget the frustrations of the non standard audio jacks back in the early 2000s before apple showed the world a better way with the 3.5mm jack being standard on all iphones. hell why wasn’t wireless audio test-driven with ipod touches and the like beforehand? maybe coz no one sees devices that only do one thing well as worth buying anymore i suspect.

Call me in 2020 when y’all have standardised on a solution that doesn’t mean the consumer spending a pretty penny on dongles and multiple headphones for different situations :)

Plus the way it looks on your head reminds me of the google glass. not iconic but obtrusive and awkward