Do you “haze” the female intern? A Medium Poll… (hint: yes, haze)
Jennifer Ohlman

Jennifer, great article.

As a new hire and past intern on the Street, I have been the female hire. And I know exactly what you refer to in terms of the differential treatment.

In terms of hazing or not hazing, my response is haze.

If my male colleagues have to do the grunt work, I am fully capable of it as well and I know what I signed up for. Bring on the coffee runs!

But I question why the bankers/traders question their actions when the junior person they are hazing is a woman? Is it that they have more pity for a woman? Only when their object of hazing is a woman that they flinch at the demands that are coming out of their mouths?

I would wish that my older colleagues would treat us newcomers with respect and see us as equals, perhaps more junior but with the same respect they would give a more senior colleague. Ideally hazing would not exist on the Street. But since that is not the case, then as a female in finance I want the same treatment as my fellow male colleagues in all aspects, from recruiting to hazing on the desk.

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