Old Maid in Manhattan

That is what I will be.
22 going on to 50,
Time will pass and youth evaporate from my skin.

Millions of young men in Manhattan,
Catcalling, one-night-stand type-of-guys in their 20's,
I have yet to meet one worth my time.

But romantic solitude is not the greatest evil.
The greatest poison is having the enemy in your bed,
Stealing your joy, darkening your days, strangling your hope.

In the meantime, I choose love.
To be like the sun.
Kissing the earth with its joy and light,
Loving the places, the plants, the people.

Perhaps the sun has a pair,
Maybe it does not.
Regardless, every day the sun will rise,
To live, to love, to experience everything its rays may touch.

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