Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Stevenage by K&K Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you want to take the advantage of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in Stevenage? Then rely on a reputable carpet cleaning service provider- K&K Carpet Cleaning Services! They understand the importance of carpet cleaning and want to deliver both residential and commercial customers the best deep cleaning solutions. With K&K Carpet Cleaning Services, you will get a convenient, safe and cost-effective carpet cleaning that will remove the dirt and all harmful germs to leave behind a beautiful looking and deep cleaned carpet.

They ensure of providing clients with a stress-free carpet cleaning with an assurance of no hidden charges. Their main aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by taking an absolute care while performing the carpet cleaning at your home or office in Stevenage. The best thing about K&K Carpet Cleaning Services is that they use environmentally friendly and completely pet and child-friendly cleaning products.

Their four stage carpet cleaning process includes:

1. Pre-spray: Their expert carpet cleaners spray Trafficlean (a power-blend of surfactants and water-based solvents) that helps in releasing the heavy soils and oil grease from the carpets (before normal extraction cleaning).

2. Hot Water Extraction: Their well-trained carpet cleaners use a twin vacuum high powered extraction machine to perform an effective hot water extraction that reduces drying time.

3. Stain Removal: After the completion of the hot water extraction process, if any marks are left behind on your carpet, the professional cleaners of K&K Carpet Cleaning Services will treat them using top quality stain removal products. This will leave behind a spotless carpet.

4. Deodoriser: On the clean carpet, their professional cleaners will spray a powerful and safe perfumed deodorizer, which is formulated to eliminate the unpleasant odours from your carpet. This will leave behind a nice smelling, clean and fresh carpet.

A few lines from K&K Carpet Cleaning Services,” We are highly dedicated to provide our residential and commercial clients a superior quality carpet cleaning service e in Stevenage. With us, you can conveniently schedule a carpet cleaning for your home or office to get the best results and enjoy a hassle free cleaning service. We are licensed and fully insured to deliver you a reliable carpet cleaning service.”