Kristi Coulter

I get this article only because I’ve seen examples of this around me in certain friends and family members. My body has never had a great relationship with alcohol, one glass of something leaves me feeling miserable the next day, so I never succumbed to its numbing effects or used it as a tool for “getting through” whatever soul-sucking situation I found myself in (although sugar, salt, and fat in the right combo is a pretty good substitute for alcohol, I must say).

I’ve been around people who are uncomfortable with me not drinking, plenty of times. It’s definitely not kindly looked upon, almost as if you’re out to sabotage other people’s “good time.”

I wonder, though, who’s pushing women to be 24-hour women? Is it women, themselves? I think in comparing ourselves to other women, or women as depicted in movies or media, we feel pressure to achieve impossible things. I don’t necessarily see this as relating to patriarchy. Is this what men want, 24-hour women? I don’t think so. That’s just more competition for them. So what’s feeding this? Are women bringing this on themselves in an attempt to prove something? I don’t know, but it’s sad.

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