Lead the Way!

Lead Writing Practice #1

BOE Meeting:
What: Hattiesburg Board of education holds meeting
Who: All of the members on the board. 
Why: To discuss issues decrease in enrolment rate, and possible solutions 
When: February 23 in the morning (Tuesday morning) 
 After noticing a concerning raise in drop-outs raise in schools, the Hattiesburg Board of Education held a meeting to discuss the issue, and formulate a solution.

Faculty in Plane Crash:
 What: Backwater State University faculty survive plane crash
 Where: Kennedy International Airport, New York City 
 When: Thursday night 
 Who: Associate professor of rural sociology John Dunmont and associate professor of English George Johnson.

While returning from New York City, two faculty members from Backwater State University survive a devastating plane crash that claimed five lives at Kennedy International University.

Meeman Speaks:
 What: To come and speak to about the how experience benefit people as writers. 
 Who: Norman Meeman, author, winner of Pulitzer Prize, Audience of 67 (mostly College students)
 Where: William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, room 111
 When: 4:30, Sunday (2/21)

The award winning author Norman Meeman came and spoke to students, practically English student, about the importance of world experience in a writer’s life.

Professor Wins Award:
 What: Professor is given an award for an essay he wrote
 Who: Clement Crabtree, professor of horticulture, The Freedom Foundation announcing its annual George Washington Honor Medal winner
 Where: Pennsylvania, Valley Forge 
 When: Last Week

Horticulture professor was awarded a George Washington Honor Medal by the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, for his cited essay called, “Plan for Peace”.

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