Barely Getting By:

Here I sit so observant of my place of rest, what’s real to me is my environment which I bless.

Stretch and take a guess, ponder what you’ll find. Yes me meditating in my nest, reaching peace of mind.

Be the reason why your friends are looking to the sky. Another season has changed, have you? Think don’t reply.

Please don’t be shy, are you barely getting by, craving for some motivation, slaving at a 9 to 5?

Yes you will survive, you’ve made it through the thunderstorm. You were torn, but we live and learn, so knowledge born.

Reap your reward. Wisdom is what we are striving for, set behind the wheel with a dream that we are driving toward.

Tough like a Ford, built to last as we pass, any expectations breaking speed limits moving fast.

Sharp as shattered glass, blasting with a wicked wrath. You could walk away but as for me? I’m sticking to the path.

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