Sleep Cycles:

Death is motivating me to conquer life’s peak.

I’m transitioning through cycles so it’s similar to sleep,

And I’m peacefully just floating down the river of my dreams.

So it seems I have to navigate ahead is a fork of streams.

Time to gather up and orchestrate my team,

Cause they’re looking for a leader who can lead them to achieve.

I deeply breathe, exhaling so the tension can release.

Don’t procrastinate bad habits tend to turn into disease.

Fear is approaching, nearing closer who is he?

Special Agent using terror here to bring me to my knees.

I’m screaming please, beg and pleading isn’t working so I freeze.

Then I meditate escaping from the demons such as these.

Now I’m free to dwell inside the realm of chi.

Then manipulate my focus, pick a target and unleash.

You see the speech I’ve been preparing is the blueprint to succeed.

All agreed the floor is mine it’s time to practice what I preach.