Making Room: Week 8

Officially put down the camera and working on the exhibition and catalogue from here on out.


  • Got images in a carousel (plus keyboard navigation)
  • Set up a timer
  • Haven’t decided on a dark versus light viewing environment (set up fades on the peripheral images for the dark theme though)
  • Played around with 🔍 capability; no decisions made yet either
  • Came up with some fun ways to promote the ‘show.’
  • Aiming for showing starting Friday March 24 (arbitrary; subject to change)
Dark theme
Light theme (+ a timer!)


  • I prototyped the dual-spine effort and I am no longer confident in the proper execution of it due to varying volume of quantity on the two sides. I don’t want to have the format dictate how the narrative unfolds, so I think I will pivot to a regular single-spine format 😔 Still working out the kinks of printing and production, exact dimensions coming soon!
  • Still working on the textual content. Some questions around the appropriate tone or how much personal detail to get into. Because this is basically purely for myself (and I suppose viewers who feel so inclined), I’m going with whatever feels best at the moment, but having some hesitation about how self-involved this feels.


  • I didn’t have time this week to get to this, butwill be looking into quotes from local printers for giclée prints!

On repeat: Green Light (three years in the waiting)

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