We’re excited to introduce F7 — a new seed investment fund comprised of seven female leaders who met during their tenure at Facebook.

We’ve come together as we all believe we’ve been given / earned experiences throughout our careers which put us in a position to drive more diversity in the investment and start-up landscape — and we want to help founders. Full stop. Each of us experienced the incredible growth and scale at Facebook — for some of us it started as early as 2006 when Facebook had less than 100 employees and we played significant roles in creating visions and goals for our respective organizations, teams and regions. We built and scaled large teams, private and public partnerships and revenue. We opened regions and offices, started organizations and built HR and people processes from the ground up. We learned that recruiting, hiring and leading your people are the most important things you can do. We learned what it really means to test, iterate and move fast with product and processes and the pros/cons of doing that with and without press and public attention. And we integrated these learnings and experiences with those from other companies we worked at before and after Facebook such as Google, Yahoo, Quora, Chan Zuckerberg, Social Capital, Square, Atrium, Bain Capital, and SoftBank Investment Advisers to name a few.

We want to be a resource for bold founders who are passionate about creating great teams, products and good things for the world.

Our goals for F7 include:

  • Increase the number of women on cap tables
  • Leverage capital, connection and community to drive opportunities and success for inspirational founders
  • Make over 50% of our investments in female founders
  • Drive outsized returns

We are committed to helping bold founders at their earliest stages and first raises. While pre-seed/seed investing is often more art than science, we look for founders with a unique superpower. This can be technical, network, leadership … something that gives them an outsized advantage. We also look for founder hustle and her/his ability to bootstrap in the early days. We look for early momentum as demonstrated by deep customer love from the first users of the product.

For the founders we invest in, we offer up our own superpowers of building and developing early teams, go-to-market and global scale. We firmly believe in the power of great teams and investing is no different. We are energized and grateful to work together and learn from one another’s perspectives. We all bring different questions and points of view to the table and that makes us better investors individually and collectively and more helpful to the founders we support.

In terms of sector, our interests vary from commerce to health/wellness to mobility to the future of work to community and many things in between. For now, we’re staying broad with a focus on bold founders and companies that can create that deep customer love and loyal following.

With our first fund, we’re looking to do another 15 deals (we’ve already committed to 3) over the next 12 months.

If you’re a bold founder excited about how we can help, please reach out. And if you’re a woman who has been thinking about investing and supporting founders, we’re always happy to share more about our journey and learnings. We need more women writing checks and supporting the founders and companies you wish to see in the world.

With that, I’m thrilled to introduce F7 and the incredible founding partners behind it:

Kelly Graziadei*

Yvette Lui*

Kirthiga Reddy

Robyn Reiss*

Sarah Smith

Joanna Lee Shevelenko*

*Denotes active partners

We’re just getting started!


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Written by

Angel Investor & Advisor | Founding Partner @ F7 | Prior Leadership Roles @ Facebook

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