Designing a travel site — a UX case study

Kevin Henriquez
Nov 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Fullhoteles is a website to book all inclusive hotels. This a short story of my experience working on the project.

City view of Full Hoteles


The main goal was to present a varied offer of all-inclusive hotels so people could choose a vacation destination.

We completed the project in 3 months with a team of 4 people. I was the UX Designer and Front-end Developer.

The Problem

Denomades ( was looking to expand into another area of the tourism industry. As Denomades focuses on adventure tourism, Fullhoteles looks to fill the gap with a different type of experience.

The site focus on serving a Chilean audience, with hopes of expanding to a broader audience. It looks to appeal to people wanting a vacation trip where they can relax and don’t have to worry about anything.

Scope and Constraints

We had limited time. We wanted to complete the project before the southern winter season when a lot of people take vacations and travel abroad.

As an internal team, we had to divide our available time so we could continue working on the main site (

As a result, we had to limit the initial offering so we could finish the site in time. We had planned to have hotels in the Caribbean and Chile but decided to focus on the Caribbean because is the most popular destination among Chileans.


We defined the purpose of the site. Then we established the general structure of the information architecture (destinations/hotels).

We determined the team members and roles. I was in charge of the visual style, the site layout, the design of the components and the implementation (front-end development).

I did sketches with pen and paper to explore options for the site layout.

Pen and paper sketches for the site layout.

I made prototypes using content similar to the final content to decide on the visual style of the site.


Components for the home page.


One key element of the hotel page is the contact form, where you can write to request a booking.

Contact form.

Finally, I wrote the code for the templates of the different sections. I made design iterations in the code, as it allows for quick changes.


We published the site for the planned date but reducing the number of destinations and services offered.

We initially looked to make a unique logo but we ended up for a one with the same style of Denomades to establish a relationship between the two brands.

Logo design is not my specialty and is something I want to get better at. The opportunity to learn about it presented itself and I enjoyed the experience a lot.

Thanks for reading! If you want to collaborate, talk about product design, or just want to say hello, you can write to me at or connect via LinkedIn.

Kevin Henriquez

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Designer, Coder. @kkhenriquez everywhere.

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