Join me at SharePoint Conference 2019 to Designing Experiences in Office 365— design sprints and UX best practices workshops

Kanwal Khipple
Mar 11, 2019 · 5 min read
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I have been fortunate to spend my career working with global companies to lead and guide creative direction. Having impacted over 1,000,000 million users brings its challenges and have learned quite a bit

As part of this full day workshop, we will dive into key areas that support your design

  1. Listen to People — learn what people want from application and what motivates them as well as how to apply design theory in creating an effective design
  2. Define your Brand —practical examples of how to implement site design and site scripts

We will aim to go through a number of practical tips and tricks that you can leverage when building your own SharePoint based applications as well as designing PowerApps.

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Listen to People

Understanding your our first session, you will get a solid introduction to UX and Design Thinking — what it all means, and how you can start off on the right foot. You learn how to conduct real research, and uncover people’s motivations on both sides of the project from stakeholder to end user.

  1. Overall Lifecycle — Designing from scratch or refining existing experiences, knowing where you are will help you determine the design frameworks to leverage.
  2. What’s the Vision? — creating the right vision needs to focus on enterprise-wide goals, builds and ensures that there is shared understanding, and is nimble enough to respond to changes in technology, business operations, and user needs.
  3. Research and Discovery — Learn best practices, and proven methods for understanding people better. Learn how to uncover real user motivations, and gain insights that provide value on both sides of the table.
  4. The Competitive Landscape — what’s working and what’s not working? sometimes the best way to learn is see how others are implementing key patterns with their users
  5. Design Thinking— how thinking and designing iteratively can have a great impact to bringing in change
  6. User Journey Mapping — learn how users got to your application application and how when it makes sense for them to leave your application
  7. Content Strategy — a link is a link is a link. Learn what content presents better in which specific components.
  8. Design Discovery — an important part of the research process as you begin to uncover insights about customers, it’s a great time to start doing some design execution research.
  9. Define your Personas — now that we have a better understanding of our users, lets present our findings to the stakeholders. Map your findings into Persona(s) to help communicate to your stakeholders and validate user insights.

Define your Brand

Dive into the details of creating a great design: how to effectively apply a design grid, picking typography and how to work with images.

  1. From UX Research to Design — learn how to take all that learned about people after listening, then make sound style decisions to achieve the goals of the end customers, and the business objectives of your stakeholders.
  2. Design Guidelines — Learn how to use prototypes to demonstrate your designs and follow atomic design principles to ensure changes are easy to make. The goal here is to push your ideas into a tangible product that shows your team where their input is needed.
  3. Typography, Colour, Images to Component Library — we’ll go through techniques for selecting the right key elements (style, color, images to which component) as well as designing hierarchy.
  4. SharePoint Themes — learn how to leverage themes in SharePoint and where they should be applied as well as learning how to create and apply themes in your current tenant
  5. UX Audit — what you need to consider when performing an UX audit of your existing applications
  6. Managing Change— how to manage expectations based on complexity and business value.

Applying what we learned

After we have learned how UX design methods are applied we will then apply all the concepts we’ve learnt. You will get an opportunity to have your designs vetted and get guidance on how to proceed as well as learn about common interaction design challenges.

If you have a custom intranet, come to the workshop and showcase it. You will get on the spot UX Audit and recommendations. If you don't have an intranet, come to the workshop to build one together.


As part of this workshop, I will be providing you many resources to take away:

  • Persona templates
  • Wireframes toolkit
  • SharePoint themes
  • Site Design samples

SharePoint Conference 2019

Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash

In only 2 and a half months the SharePoint Conference will be back in Las Vegas on May 21st to 23rd. This event is one of two major Microsoft events in 2019 where the Microsoft product team will be announcing their roadmap updates for SharePoint and the Office 365 collaboration and content services changes that are ahead of us. This is an amazing conference with deep dive technical sessions, great networking, incredible perspectives and a significant amount of Microsoft leadership/announcements.

There will be over 150 speakers at the event and over 200 sessions. Whether your interest is in SharePoint, Office 365, Planner, Teams, Microsoft Flow, Power Apps, Yammer or more — this is a great event to block in your calendar and register to attend. You can save an additional $50 with code KHIPPLE. If you sign up for a workshop package, you can also bring some sweet gadgets home such as an Xbox One or a Cortana Smart Speaker!

Register today!

Kanwal Khipple

Written by

Founder and CEO of @2toLead, is a leading User Experience expert with experience in building solutions to improve Employee Engagement

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