Behind the Scenes of Darwiche’s “Ephemeral©”

It happened after a holiday break. After spending two weeks in his home country of Sweden, Antonio Darwiche came back to Los Angeles to some exciting news. His film, “Ephemeral©,” which he wrote, edited, and directed, was being granted Official Selections left and right by festivals all over the world.

At the heart of “Ephemeral©” is a simple idea of how the lives of two strangers can be linked by one past choice and action taken.

“The idea bloomed and I was fascinated by how the unwitting action of one person can affect a stranger’s life in a profound and lasting way. The idea of a universal responsibility — of being kind, understanding, and patient with one another was ultimately the key element to the expansion of the full story and plot,” says Darwiche.

Even with its overwhelming success, the process wasn’t without its setbacks, as any talented filmmaker will tell you.

While battling the flu, Darwiche lost both his AD as well as one of the key actors late in the game due to bizarre and unforeseen circumstances. “Ultimately I managed, and filming was upon us. After long nights of filming from 8PM-8AM the filming of the narrative was complete, and I left set overworked, feeling terrible with the flu, but satisfied. All participants were happy, exhausted and proud of their work,” he says.

Next came the editing process.

According to Darwiche, the movie actually ended up cutting out the opening scene and all dialogue in the final scene. This was of course heartbreaking for him to accept, as the writer, director, and editor. After the edit was finally locked there would be another half year before continued post-post-production would finish. Suffice it to say that allocating enough funding for post-production was a valuable lesson that Darwiche learned the hard way.

“Sharing the hats of director and editor was far easier than I was told it would be. There’s a certain beauty in editing your own work in comparison to others. You are able to critique yourself and learn from it in a completely new and refreshing way.” says Darwiche.

Ultimately, all of his work paid off and today, “Ephemeral©” has finally been released to the public following 14 wins, 5 nominations, and a dozen Official Selections. This includes awards in prestigious film festivals such as the LA Shorts Awards, where Antonio took home awards for Best Editing, Best Directing, Best Script, and Best Short film — a true testament to his hard work and talent.

“Ephemeral has had incredible success which is truly heartwarming. The hard work that went into the making of the film was all returned through the films’ success and reception by audiences,” says Darwiche. “I am continuously amazed by the love the film receives. Truly rewarding.”

Following the success of “Ephemeral©,” Antonio has teamed up with Kelso Films to produce his next projects, “The Phillipsburg”, about the relationship between an estranged mother and daughter. As well as “Gloom”, which will be shot in one continuous shot and chronicles the actions of a mother and her young children in the hours following a devastating car accident. “The Phillipsburg” is expected to be released in summer of 2020 and “Gloom” in the summer of 2021.